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Yang, Zhu-Liang. Type studies on agarics described by N. Patouillard (and his co-authors) from Vietnam. Mycotaxon 75: 431-476. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Thirty-six types of agarics described by N. Patouillard, either alone or with other mycologists, from Vietnam were critically restudied. Eight new combinations are made. They are Mycena bambusae (Pat. & Dem.) Z. L. Yang; Melanoleuca demangei (Pat.) Z. L. Yang; Conocybe fracticeps (Pat. & Dem.) Z. L. Yang; Leucocoprinus bonianus (Pat.) Z. L. Yang; Stropharia albosulfurea (Pat.) Z. L. Yang; Marasmiellus patouillardii (Sacc. & Syd.) Z. L. Yang; Oudemansiella neuroderma (Pat.) Z. L. Yang; Psilocybe griseobadia (Pat.) Z. L. Yang. Hiatula tonkinensis Pat., Lepiota tonkinensis Pat., and Leucocoprinus dolichaulus var. cryptocyclus Pat. are synonyms of Termitomyces microcarpus (Berk. & Br.) Heim, Leucoagaricus rubrotinctus (Peck) Singer, and Macrolepiota dolichaula (Berk. & Br.) Pegler & Rayner respectively. Lentinus mollipes Pat. and Pleurotus radicosus Pat. are conspecific with Lentinus giganteus Berk. Androsaceus sessilis Pat. and Lepiota anceps Pat. are probably synonyms of Marasmius tenuissimus (Jungh.) Singer and Micropsalliota erythrospila (Berk. & Br.) Pegler respectively. A new name, Agaricus iocephalusiopsis Z. L. Yang, is proposed for Agaricus iocephalus Pat. Important characters observed from the types are illustrated in eighty-three line drawings.

KEYWORDS: Types, Agaricales, N. Patouillard, Vietnam, Southeast Asia.

Agaricus iocephalusiopsis Z. L. Yang, p. 433
Conocybe fracticeps (Pat. & Demange) Z. L. Yang, p. 453
Leucocoprinus bonianus (Pat.) Z. L. Yang, p. 455
Marasmiellus patouillardii (Sacc. & Syd.) Z. L. Yang, p. 469
Melanoleuca demangei (Pat.) Z. L. Yang, p. 444
Mycena bambusae (Pat. & Demange) Z. L. Yang, p. 444
Oudemansiella neuroderma (Pat.) Z. L. Yang, p. 473
Psilocybe griseobadia (Pat.) Z. L. Yang, p. 474
Stropharia albosulfurea (Pat.) Z. L. Yang, p. 459

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