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Marvanová, Ludmila & Felix Bärlocher. Hyphomycetes from Canadian streams. V. Two new conidial Basidiomycetes. Mycotaxon 75: 409-423. 2000.

ABSTRACT: Two new taxa with affinity to Heterobasidiomycetes are described from streams in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Both taxa produce white fast growing colonies. Anguillomyces acadiensis forms soft sclerotia in the central part of the colony and has relatively large, scolecoform conidia without septa. Nodulospora inconstans fruits synnematously on sterilized tree leaves. Its conidia are retrogressively thallic. They bear variable numbers of primary and secondary branches and usually one more or less well-developed clamp at the base of one periapical branch.

KEYWORDS: heterobasidiomycetes, mitosporic fungi, taxonomy, waterborne hyphomycetes.

Anguillomyces Marvanová & Bärl., p. 411
Anguillomyces acadiensis Marvamová & Bärl., p. 411
Nodulospora Marvanová & Bärl., p. 416
Nodulospora inconstans Marvanová & Bärl., p. 416

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