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Petersen, Ronald H. Rhizomarasmius, gen. nov. (Xerulaceae, Agaricales). Mycotaxon 75: 333-342. 2000.

ABSTRACT: A new genus name, Rhizomarasmius, is proposed to accommodate Marasmius pyrrhocephalus and M. undatus. Taxonomic circumscription of the family Xerulaceae is discussed, and taxonomy and nomenclature of the included species epithets are related.

KEYWORDS: Xerulaceae, Agaricales, new genus.

Rhizomarasmius R. H. Petersen, p. 333
Rhizomarasmius pyrrhocephalus (Berk.) R. H. Petersen, p. 334
Rhizomarasmius undatus (Berk.) R. H. Petersen, p. 335

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