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Mosquera, J., C. Lado, A. Estrada-Torres & E. Beltrán Tejera. Trichia perichaenoides, a new myxomycete associated with decaying succulent plants. Mycotaxon 75: 319-328. 2000.

ABSTRACT: A new succulenticolous Trichia, T. perichaenoides, very similar in habit to Perichaena corticalis, is described from decaying Agave and Opuntia. It was recorded from a number of different sites in the Old and New World (Canary Islands, peninsular Spain and Mexico). The most important morphological or morphotaxonomic features of the new species are the sessile, clustered sporocarps with circumscissile or reticulated dehiscence, the elateriform capillitium, with very faint sinistrorse, spiny spirals only noticeable with oil immersion or SEM, and with blunt tips, and the normally double peridium with attached outgrowths.

KEYWORDS: Mexico, Perichaena, Spain, succulent plants, taxonomy.

Trichia perichaenoides Mosquera, Lado, Estrada & Beltrán-Tej., p. 320

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