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Kalb, Klaus, Robert Lücking & Emmanuël Sérusiaux. Studies in Bacidia sensu lato (lichenized Ascomycetes: Lecanorales) I. The genus Bapalmuia. Mycotaxon 75: 281-309. 2000.

ABSTRACT: The lichen genus Bapalmuia is emended and monographed. Sixteen species are assigned to the genus, seven of which being new to science: Bapalmuia cacaotica Kalb & Lücking spec. nova, Bapalmuia confusa Kalb & Lücking spec. nova, B. costaricensis Lücking & Kalb spec. nova, B. halleana Sérus. spec. nova, B. lineata Lücking & Kalb spec. nova, B. sorediata Kalb & Lücking spec. nova, and B. variratae Sérus. spec. nova. B. buchananii (Stirt.) Kalb & Lücking comb. nova (= Stereocaulon buchananii), B. callichroa (Müll. Arg.) Kalb & Lücking comb. nova (= Lopadium callichroum), and B. lafayetteana (Vain.) Kalb & Lücking comb. nova (= Bacidia lafayetteana) are new combinations. Bapalmuia kakouettae Sérus. is excluded from the genus and Byssoloma aptrootii Sérus. is reduced into synonymy with it. Bapalmuia is characterized by biatorine apothecia with strongly convex disc and thin, usually evanescent margin, prosoplectenchymatous excipulum with radiating cell rows or with a labyrinthic structure, unbranched paraphyses, asci with an I+ darker tubular structure in the tholus, needle-shaped to narrowly cylindrical, multiseptate to submuriform ascospores, and small, unseptate, ellipsoid to fusiform conidia. 4,5-dichlorolichexanthone (= coronatone) is the major secondary product in all corticolous and muscicolous and in several foliicolous species. Because of the apothecial anatomy and ascus structure, the genus is placed in the Pilocarpaceae. A key to all the hitherto known species is provided.


Bapalmuia buchananii (Stirt.) Kalb & Lücking, p. 286
Bapalmuia cacaotica Kalb & Lücking, p. 287
Bapalmuia callichroa (Müll. Arg.) Kalb & Lücking, p. 288
Bapalmuia confusa Kalb & Lücking, p. 289
Bapalmuia costaricensis Lücking & Kalb, p. 291
Bapalmuia halleana Sérus., p. 293
Bapalmuia lafayetteana (Vain.) Kalb & Lücking, p. 295
Bapalmuia lineata Lücking & Kalb, p. 296
Bapalmuia sorediata Kalb & Lücking, p. 301
Bapalmuia variratae Sérus., p. 303

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