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Pacioni, Giovanni & Cathy Sharp. Mackintoshia, a new sequestrate basidiomycete genus from Zimbabwe. Mycotaxon 75: 225-228. 2000.

ABSTRACT: A sequestrate fungus consumed by antelope and by Karanga people in Zimbabwe is described as a new species belonging to the new genus Mackintoshia (Basidiomycotina, Cortinariales). The genus shows affinities with the agaric Galerina based on spore characters. Its systematic position within the hypogeous Cortinariales and the symbiotic relationship with Caesalpinioideae trees as putative hosts are discussed.

KEYWORDS: hypogeous fungus, false truffle, Cortinariaceae, Mycoamaranthus.

Mackintoshia Pacioni & C. Sharp, p. 225
Mackintoshia persica Pacioni & C. Sharp, p. 226

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