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Tavares, Isabelle. Benjaminiomyces, a new name for Benjaminella, and corrections of published errors in Laboulbeniales. Mycotaxon 75: 205-212. 2000.

ABSTRACT: A new name, Benjaminiomyces, is proposed for Benjaminella, regarded as a later homonym of Benjaminiella. The taxonomic positions of Benjaminiomyces, Rhadinomyces, Tavaresiella, and Triceromyces are indicated, as well as the original taxonomic disposition of Aphanandromyces.

KEYWORDS: Aphanandromyces, Benjaminella, Benjaminiomyces, Diplomyces, Majewskia, Rhadinomyces, Tavaresiella, Triceromyces, Laboulbeniales.

Benjaminiomyces I. I. Tav., p. 206
Benjaminiomyces melanophthalmae (Thaxt.) I. I. Tav., p. 206
Benjaminiomyces perpusilla (Speg.) I. I. Tav., p. 206
Benjaminiomyces platensis (Speg.) I. I. Tav., p. 207
Benjaminiomyces pumila (Speg.) I. I. Tav., p. 207

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