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Trappe, James M. & Michael A. Castellano. New sequestrate Ascomycota and Basidiomycota covered by the Northwest Forest Plan. Mycotaxon 75: 153-179. 2000.

ABSTRACT: One new genus and 11 new species of sequestrate fungi are described from late successional forests in the range of the northern spotted owl: Fevansia aurantiaca gen. & sp. nov., Gastroboletus vividus, Gastrosuillus umbrinus, Gymnomyces abietis, G. nondistincta, Hydnotrya inordinata, H. subnix, Octavianina cyanescens, Rhizopogon ellipsosporus, Thaxterogaster pavelekii and Tuber pacificum. These are listed in the Northwest Pacific Plan as rare.

KEYWORDS: sequestrate fungi, hypogeous fungi, ectomycorrhizae, old-growth forests

Fevansia Trappe & Castellano, p. 155
Fevansia aurantiaca Trappe & Castellano, p. 155
Gastroboletus vividus Trappe & Castellano, p. 158
Gastrosuillus umbrinus Trappe & Castellano, p. 160
Gymnomyces abietis Trappe & Castellano, p. 161
Gymnomyces nondistincta Trappe & Castellano, p. 166
Hydnotrya inordinata Trappe & Castellano, p. 167
Hydnotrya subnix Trappe & Castellano, p. 169
Octavianina cyanescens Trappe & Castellano, p. 172
Rhizopogon ellipsosporus Trappe, Castellano & Amaranthus, p. 173
Thaxterogaster pavelekii Trappe, Castellano & P. Rawlinson, p. 174
Tuber pacificum Trappe, Castellano & Bushnell, p. 176

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