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Simmons, Emory G. Alternaria themes and variations (244-286). Species on Solanaceae. Mycotaxon 75: 1-115. 2000.

ABSTRACT: A continuation of a series of papers primarily on Alternaria, in this instance for phaeodictyosporic taxa described from hosts/substrates in the Solanaceae. Of the approximately 67 names published validly or invalidly for this group (1875 to date), 22 are retained for taxa in Alternaria and Nimbya. Of these, 13 are presented as spp. nov., comb. nov., or nom. nov., including Alternaria subtropica Simmons (on Lycopersicon esculentum), A. beringelae Simmons (on Solanum melongena), A. tomatophila Simmons (on L. esculentum), A. subcylindrica Simmons & R. Roberts (on L. esculentum var. cerasiforme), A. cretica Simmons & Vakalounakis (on L. esculentum), A. polytricha (Cooke) Simmons (on S. melongena), A. capsici Simmons (on Capsicum annuum), A. cyphomandrae Simmons (on Cyphomandra betacea), A. elegans Simmons & J. David (on L. esculentum ), A. nitrimali Simmons & M. E. Palm (on S. viarum), A. grandis Simmons (on S. tuberosum), A. africana Simmons (on S. melongena), and Nimbya major (Pavgi & Singh) Simmons (on Nicotiana plumbaginifolia).

KEYWORDS: Alternaria, Macrosporium, Nimbya, Stemphylium, Solanaceae, Capsicum, Cyphomandra, Datura, Lycopersicon, Nicandra, Nicotiana, Solanum

Alternaria africana E. G. Simmons, p. 101
Alternaria beringelae E. G. Simmons, p. 32
Alternaria capsici E. G. Simmons, p. 84
Alternaria cretica E. G. Simmons & Vakalounakis, p. 64
Alternaria cyphomandrae E. G. Simmons, p. 86
Alternaria elegans E. G. Simmons & J. C. David, p. 89
Alternaria grandis E. G. Simmons, p. 96
Alternaria nitrimali E. G. Simmons and M. E. Palm, p. 93
Alternaria polytricha (Cooke) E. G. Simmons, p. 70
Alternaria subcylindrica E. G. Simmons & R. G. Roberts, p. 62
Alternaria subtropica E. G. Simmons, p. 28
Alternaria tomatophila E. G. Simmons, p. 53
Nimbya major (Pavgi & U. P. Singh) E. G. Simmons, p. 80

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