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Nakasone, Karen K. Morphological studies of Hyphoderma cremeoalbum and Radulomyces roseolus. Mycotaxon 114: 99–107. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Type studies reveal that Radulomyces roseolus is conspecific with Hyphoderma cremeoalbum (Basidiomycota, Polyporales). Embedded, fusoid cystidia and haplohyphidia are critical diagnostic features of H. cremeoalbum. Known from Europe, United States, Argentina, and New Zealand, its preferred substrate is decorticated and decayed gymnospermous wood, especially Picea, but the species also occurs on woody angiosperms.

KEYWORDS: Corticiaceae sensu lato, Corticium cremeoalbum, phlebioid clade, taxonomy

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