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Silvera-Simón, Carolina, Josepa Gené, Josep Guarro, Rafael F. Castañeda Ruiz, David W. Minter & Marc Stadler. A new species of Paradendryphiopsis from Portugal. Mycotaxon 114: 473–479. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Paradendryphiopsis pleiomorpha sp. nov., found on the bark of an unidentified plant in Braganza, Portugal, is described and illustrated. It is distinguished by conidia that are catenulate, mostly 1–3-septate, usually ellipsoid or obclavate, navicular to oblong, smooth, with pale brown ends and brown at the middle, formed by blastic mode through the conidiogenous locus on unbranched, macronematous conidiophores and by a “thallic-arthric” Bahusakala-like synanamorph, which arises from the same conidiophores and vegetative hyphae. A key to Paradendryphiopsis species is presented.

KEYWORDS: systematics, anamorphic fungi

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