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Doveri, Francesco, Sabrina Sarrocco, Susanna Pecchia, Maurizio Forti & Giovanni Vannacci. Coprinellus mitrinodulisporus, a new species from chamois dung. Mycotaxon 114: 351–360. 2010.

ABSTRACT: The genus Coprinellus is re-examined from its establishment, through demotion as a synonym of Coprinus, and up through its current reinstatement. An agaric with a setulose pileus, sphaerocystic veil, and mitriform, nodulose spores has been isolated from chamois dung and, based on morphological data, is regarded as a new species in Coprinellus. The new taxon is compared with morphologically similar Coprinellus species, particularly with those having mitriform spores. Other taxa recently described in Coprinus are transferred to Coprinellus.

KEYWORDS: Agaricales, Setulosi, 28S rDNA, ITS, β-tubulin

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