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Westphalen, Mauro C., Mateus A. Reck & Rosa Mara Borges da Silveira. First record of Phlebia incarnata from the Southern Hemisphere. Mycotaxon 114: 305–310. 2010.

ABSTRACT: During a survey of xylophilous fungi in the municipality of São Francisco de Paula, in southern Brazil, Phlebia incarnata, a species never before recorded for South America, was found. Phlebia incarnata has a pileate basidiome with vivid pink coloration, a hymenophore with folds, a monomitic hyphal system, and cylindrical basidiospores. In this work, P. incarnata is compared with related species; a full description and illustrations are provided.

KEYWORDS: Meruliaceae, Merulius, mycodiversity, neotropics

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