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Chen, Mingjun, Na Zhou, Zengzhi Li, Gi-Ho Sung & Bo Huang. Paecilomyces echinosporus sp. nov., a species isolated from soil in China. Mycotaxon 114: 25–32. 2010.

ABSTRACT: During a survey of entomopathogenic fungi in China, a new species of Paecilomyces was isolated from a soil sample collected from Anhui province in China. It is differentiated from previously described species based on the morphology of its minutely echinulate conidia and conidiophores that possess penicillate phialides. Phylogenetic analyses with ITS region indicate that it is distantly related to Isaria and a close relative of P. carneus. The new species, Paecilomyces echinosporus, is presented with its Latin diagnosis, English description, and illustration. The type isolate and holotype are deposited in the Research Center for Entomogenous Fungi of Anhui Agricultural University (RCEF).

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, morphological characteristics, molecular identification

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