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Vujanovic, Vladimir & Yit Kheng Goh. Sphaerodes mycoparasites and new Fusarium hosts for S. mycoparasitica. Mycotaxon 114: 179–191. 2010.

ABSTRACT: A comprehensive key, based on asexual stages, contact mycoparasitic structures, parasite/host relations, and host ranges, is proposed to distinguish those species of Sphaerodes that are biotrophic mycoparasites of Fusarium: S. mycoparasitica, S. quadrangularis, and S. retispora. This is also the first report of S. mycoparasitica as a biotrophic mycoparasite on Fusarium culmorum and F. equiseti in addition to its other reported hosts (F. avenaceum, F. graminearum, and F. oxysporum). In slide culture assays, S. mycoparasitica acted as a contact mycoparasite of F. culmorum, and F. equiseti producing hook-like attachment structures. Fluorescent and confocal laser scanning microscopy showed that S. mycoparasitica is an intracellular mycoparasite of F. equiseti but not of F. culmorum. All three mycoparasitic Sphaerodes species were observed to produce asexual (anamorphic) stages when challenged with Fusarium. Furthermore, a phylogenetic tree, based on (large subunit) LSU rDNA sequences, depicted closer relatedness to one another of these Fusarium-specific Sphaerodes taxa than to the non-mycoparasitic S. compressa, S. fimicola, and S. singaporensis.

KEYWORDS: ascomycete, coevolution

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