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Vellinga, Else C. Book reviews and notices. Mycotaxon 113: 493–501. 2010.

Books reviewed include: Ascomycetes — Schimmelpilze und deren Bestimmung (3. neu bearbeite Aufl.); Guidebook — Common interior Alaska cryptogams; Basidiomycetes — Compléments à la Flore des champignons supérieurs du Maroc de G. Malençon et R. Bertault; Taxonomic studies on Agaricales of Hokkaido, Northern Japan, with special reference to Melanoleuca, Oudemansiella, Xerula, Volvariella and Pluteus; A monograph of marasmioid and collybioid fungi in Europe; Fungal Inventories — Die Funga der Moore des Hochschwarzwaldes; and General — The kingdom Fungi. The biology of mushrooms, molds and lichens.

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