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Czarnota, Paweł, Piotr Osyczka & Agnieszka Kowalewska. Status of some poorly known lichen species from the genus Lecanora (lichenized Ascomycota) in Poland. Mycotaxon 113: 449–462. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Taxonomic and chorological notes on four Lecanora species, misidentified or poorly known in Poland, are presented. L. aitema is reported from Poland for the first time; its status and previous reports in the country are discussed. L. phaeostigma, practically known only from historical publications, appears to be quite frequent in the Polish Carpathians. The current status of poorly known L. ramulicola is presented here based on revised literature and herbarium data. No specimen of L. cadubriae has been confirmed in Polish collections and all reports of this species from Poland, in fact, refer to L. ramulicola. Because of the misidentifications and nomenclatural confusion, L. cadubriae should be excluded from the list of Polish lichens. The taxonomy, nomenclatural remarks, chemistry, habitat requirements, and distribution of all taxa are discussed.

KEYWORDS: lichenized fungi, fungal diversity, chorology

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