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Wei, Tie-Zheng, Shen-Zhan Fu, Ping-Ping Qu & Yi-Jian Yao. Phaeocollybia purpurea (Cortinariaceae), a new species from Wuyishan, China. Mycotaxon 113: 423–430. 2010.

ABSTRACT: A new species in Phaeocollybia, P. purpurea, is described in this paper based on collections from Wuyishan, Fujian Province, China. The new taxon is distinct within the genus for its persistently purple basidiomata, non-viscid pileus, and small basidiospores. The morphological characters used to distinguish the new species from its related species are also provided and discussed in this paper.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, morphology, Agaricales, Hymenogastraceae

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