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Pino-Bodas, Raquel, Ana R. Burgaz & María P. Martín. Elucidating the taxonomic rank of Cladonia subulata versus C. rei (Cladoniaceae). Mycotaxon 113: 311–326. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Cladonia subulata and C. rei are two lichen species apparently closely related from a morphological viewpoint. Since both species also show a high morphological variability, it has been difficult to establish the limit between them, and their taxonomic classification has often been questioned. Nevertheless, they have different lichen substance contents. The present paper aims to clarify the taxonomy of C. subulata and C. rei. Their morphological, chemical, and anatomical variation is examined and correlated with the molecular data of three gene regions (ITS rDNA, rpb2 and ef1α). The results of the analyses reveal two strongly supported monophyletic clades, correlated with the two taxa. We conclude that C. subulata and C. rei should be maintained as two different species.

KEYWORDS: Ascomycota, secondary chemistry, sibling species, species delimitation

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