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Fazolino, E.P., L. Trierveiler-Pereira, F.D. Calonge & I.G. Baseia. First record of Clathrus (Phallaceae, Agaricomycetes) from the Northeast Region of Brazil. Mycotaxon 113: 195–202. 2010.

ABSTRACT:  Two Clathrus specimens were collected in Northeastern Brazil during the rainy season in 2008. One specimen was identified as C. chrysomycelinus and the other is described as a new species, C. cristatus, which is distinguished by its pale red to pink receptacle and crests along the edge. Full descriptions with illustrations of the collected specimens and a key to species of Clathrus from Brazil are provided.

KEYWORDS:  Clathraceae, gasteromycetes, Neotropical mycodiversity

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