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Conner, Kassie N., Gareth Morgan-Jones & Kira L. Bowen. Revised description of Pseudocercospora cornicola. Mycotaxon 113: 179–183. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Pseudocercospora cornicola (basionym Cercospora cornicola), the causal organism of cercospora leaf spot on flowering dogwood, was redescribed and illustrated from its type material and from fresh collections made in Alabama, where it is of common occurrence. Sequence data was obtained from four isolates to support the morphological data for species and generic concepts. The appropriateness of its generic classification is discussed and comments are made on previous descriptions and circumscription of the genera Cercospora, Pseudocercospora, and Pseudocercosporella.

KEYWORDS: Cornus florida, hyphomycete, sequence analysis, taxonomy

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