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Cui, Bao-Kai, Hai-Sheng Yuan & Yu-Cheng Dai. Two new species of Phylloporia (Basidiomycota, Hymenochaetaceae) from China. Mycotaxon 113: 171–178. 2010.

ABSTRACT: The knowledge of Phylloporia in China is briefly summarized, and an identification key to the Chinese species in the genus is supplied. Two new species, P. hainaniana and P. oblongospora, are described and illustrated. The former species is characterized by its triquetrous pileus in section, relatively larger pores (4–6 per mm), and bigger, ellipsoid basidiospores (4.6–5.6 × 3–3.6 µm). Phylloporia oblongospora differs from other species in the genus by its homogeneous context, larger pores (2–4 per mm), and oblong ellipsoid basidiospores (4–4.8 × 2–2.5 µm).

KEYWORDS: basidiomycetes, polypore, taxonomy, wood-rotting fungi

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