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Wu, Haixia, Yanmei Li, Hang Chen & Kevin D. Hyde. Studies on Microthyriaceae: some excluded genera. Mycotaxon 113: 147–156. 2010.

ABSTRACT: The genera Asteronia, Dictyoasterina, Helminthopeltis, and Hidakaea are presently included in the Microthyriaceae. We have examined the types, and their characters do not agree with this familial placement. We redescribe these four poorly known genera and suggest a more appropriate placement of these genera. Asteronia produces subglobose ascomata that develop on dark mycelium with copious hyphopodia on the host surface and should be placed in the Asterinaceae or Meliolaceae. Dictyoasterina has a black mycelial net, superficial hyphae with lateral hyphopodia, and globose ascomata with an ostiole and can be placed in Asterinaceae. The monotypic Helminthopeltis, characterized by elongated longitudinally cleft ascomata and filiform hyaline one-celled ascospores, should be placed in Rhytismataceae; H. almeidaeana is probably a synonym of a species in Lophodermium. Hidakaea has brown ascomata and unitunicate asci and should be considered in Hypocreales.

KEYWORDS: Asteronia sweetiae, Dictyoasterina conopharyngiae, Helminthopeltis almeidaeana, Hidakaea tumidula, taxonomy

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