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Afshan, N.S., A.N. Khalid, S.H. Iqbal, A.R. Niazi & A. Sultan. Puccinia anaphalidis-virgatae, a new species, and a new variety of rust fungi from Fairy Meadows, Northern Pakistan. Mycotaxon 112: 483–490. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Puccinia anaphalidis-virgatae on Anaphalis virgata is described as a new species from Pakistan. Previous records of rusts on genus Anaphalis have been species of Miyagia, Phakopsora, and Uromyces; this is the first Puccinia species recorded on this host genus. A new variety P. helictotrichi var. pakistanica is described based on its resemblance to P. helictotrichi; however, it differs in size and number of germ pores of urediniospores and apical thickness of teliospores.

KEYWORDS: Miyagia, Nanga Parbat, Phakopsora anaphalidis-adnatae, Pucciniales, rust mycobiota

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