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Han, Yanfeng, Jiandong Liang, Zongqi Liang, Xiao Zou & Xuan Dong. Two new Taifanglania species identified through DELTA-assisted phenetic analysis. Mycotaxon 112: 325–333. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Two new species isolated from soil samples from Mianyang City, Sichuan Province and Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China, were revealed through classical morphology and DELTA-assisted analyses. Both species are described and illustrated and diagnostic characters revealed through DELTA are discussed. Taifanglania berberidis is characterized by brown colony, black reverse, phialides 7.2–13.5 × 1.8–4.2 µm, with an ellipsoidal swollen basal portion and fusiform conidia, 4.8–9.0 × 1.8–3.0 µm; T. jiangsuensis is distinguished by yellow colony, rough or smooth-walled hyphae, phialides 6–15 × 1.8–3.0 µm, with a cylindrical swollen basal portion and ellipsoidal or fusiform conidia, 3.6–6 × 2.4–3.0 µm, forming chains and often capitate at the top.

KEYWORDS: thermotolerant fungi, morphological character, numerical classification

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