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Zhuang, Wen-Ying. Taxonomic assessment of some pyronemataceous fungi from China. Mycotaxon 112: 31–46. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Four new species of the Pyronemataceae, Aleuria medogensis, Cheilymenia sinensis, Otidea bicolor, and Scutellinia setosiopsi, are described and illustrated. A name change is required for the previously published Pulvinula guizhouensis. Psilopezia nummularialis and Smardaea verrucispora are reported for the first time from China. Comments are made on nine other previously recorded taxa, Cheilymenia vitellina, Humaria semi-immersa, Lamprospora haemastigma, L. wisconsinensis, Otidea abietina, Psilopezia deligata, Pulvinula laeterubra, Trichophaea bullata, and T. pseudogregaria, all of which should be excluded from the Chinese fungus flora.

KEYWORDS: Aleuria, Cheilymenia, Otidea, Scutellinia, new Chinese records, corrections

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