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Moreno, Gabriel, Marcos Lizárraga, Martín Esqueda & Martha L. Coronado. Contribution to the study of gasteroid and secotioid fungi of Chihuahua, Mexico. Mycotaxon 112: 291–315. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Including the twenty-seven new records reported herein, fifty-seven taxa of gasteroid fungi are now known from Chihuahua. Geastrum schmidelii var. parvisporum represents a new record for the Mexican mycobiota. A nom. nov. is proposed for Agaricus texensis, which is an illegitimate later homonym. The species presented are annotated with observations on macro- and microscopic characters, and SEM photomicrographs illustrating spore and capillitial characters are included for selected taxa.

KEYWORDS: Agaricomycetes, Gasteromycetes sensu lato, chorology, taxonomy

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