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Nagy, László G., Csaba Vágvölgyi & Tamás Papp. Type studies and nomenclatural revisions in Parasola (Psathyrellaceae) and related taxa. Mycotaxon 112: 103–141. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Basidiomycetes belonging in the genus Parasola and some satellite taxa have been revised on the basis of type studies and original diagnoses. As a result of an extensive taxonomic survey, 34 names affiliated with Parasola (formerly Coprinus subsections Glabri and Auricomi) have been identified. Type materials of 15 taxa have been found in various herbaria and examined. These taxa are described and their basidiospores, basidia, cheilocystidia, pleurocystidia, and pileipelli illustrated. The results support P. leiocephala as a synonym of P. lactea. An epitype for P. plicatilis and a neotype for P. misera are designated and illustrated in detail. Parasola auricoma is lectotypified. Pseudocoprinus besseyi and C. elongatipes are synonymized with P. auricoma. The type of P. galericuliformis represents an immature P. lactea. Coprinus plicatilis var. filopes is a later synonym of P. lactea. C. longipes and C. rimosus are synonymized with P. schroeteri, while Pseudocoprinus brunneolus belongs to P. lactea. Where possible, our conclusions were confirmed by molecular phylogenetic analyses.

KEYWORDS: synonymization, deliquescence

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