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Lechat, Christian, David F. Farr, Yuuri Hirooka, Andrew M. Minnis & Amy Y. Rossman. A new species of Hydropisphaera, H. bambusicola, is the sexual state of Gliomastix fusigera. Mycotaxon 111: 95–102. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Hydropisphaera bambusicola sp. nov. (Bionectriaceae, Hypocreales) is described and illustrated based on a collection from Bambusa vulgaris in Martinique. The asexual state was obtained in culture and identified as Gliomastix fusigera. Gliomastix fusigera is an anamorphic species that occurs on members of the Arecaceae and Poaceae throughout the tropics and for which no sexual state is known. Hydropisphaera bambusicola is distinctive in having aseptate, striate ascospores. All other species of Hydropisphaera and most species of the Bionectriaceae have one or more septate ascospores. Hydropisphaera bambusicola and eight other species in Hydropisphaera are unusual in having fasciculate hairs near the perithecial apex. A key to the species of Hydropisphaera with hairs is presented.

KEYWORDS: Acremonium, Ascomycota, bamboo, Ijuhya, Protocreopsis

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