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Antonín, Vladimír, Rhim Ryoo & Hyeon-Dong Shin. Marasmioid and gymnopoid fungi of the Republic of Korea. 3. Two new taxa of Marasmius sect. Sicci with caulocystidia and/or setae. Mycotaxon 111: 369–377. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Two new species of Marasmius sect. Sicci are described. Marasmius orientalis, which is characterized by having a pileipellis with well-developed setoid broom cells and setae, caulosetae present, belongs to series Spinulosi. Marasmius strobiluriformis has dimorphic cheilocystidia and cylindrical to subfusoid caulocystidia and belongs to ser. Atrorubentes. The macro- and microscopic descriptions with discussion on similar taxa are given, and their taxonomic position is supported through DNA analyses.

KEYWORDS: euagarics, Marasmiaceae, taxonomy, nomenclature, LSU, ITS

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