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Vondrák, Jan, Alexander Khodosovtsev, Laszló Lökös & Olga Merkulova. The identity of type specimens in BP of some names in Caloplaca. Mycotaxon 111: 241–250. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Type materials held in BP of 16 specific and intraspecific names now placed in Caloplaca are appraised here. The names Caloplaca balatonica, C. cerinella f. aggregata, C. lactea var. subimmersa, C. lactea f. densa, C. lallavei f. fulva, C. vitellinaria, C. vitellinoides, and Gasparrinia granulosa f. flavovirens are reduced into synonymy of older names. We did not find any older synonyms for the names Caloplaca brachyspora, C. flavovirescens var. persica, C. gyalolechiiformis, C. hungarica, and C. servitiana. The identity of the names C. lojkae, C. variabilis f. densa, and C. variabilis f. geographica is presently unclear. Caloplaca pseudocitrina is reduced into synonymy with C. gyalolechiiformis. Caloplaca servitiana is considered to be different from another “black-fruiting” corticolous species C. oleicola. Lectotypes are designated for Caloplaca brachyspora, C. lojkae, and C. servitiana.

KEYWORDS: Hungary, Mereschkowsky, Szatala, Teloschistaceae

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