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Leão-Ferreira, Sheila Miranda & Luís Fernando Pascholati Gusmão. Conidial fungi from the semi-arid Caatinga biome of Brazil. New species of Endophragmiella and Spegazzinia with new records for Brazil, South America, and Neotropica. Mycotaxon 111: 1–10. 2010.

ABSTRACT: Two new species found on dead bark and fruit in Brazilian semi-arid region are described and illustrated. Endophragmiella tuberculata sp. nov.  is characterized by obovoid, 1-septate, verrucose conidia, and can be distinguished from similar Endophragmiella species by the distal cells of its conidia with conspicuous tubercules. Spegazzinia flabellata sp. nov.  has two types of conidia: a—globose to subglobose, simple, strong spinulose and b—co-planate, with four quadrangular cells, finely spinulose; it can be separated from earlier described Spegazzinia species by a-type conidia with conspicuous spines. Dictyoarthrinium sacchari is reported for the first time from Brazil. Furthermore, E. collapsa and E. dimorphospora are new records for Neotropica and South America respectively.

KEYWORDS: hyphomycetes, anamorphic fungi

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