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Gams, Walter, Keith A. Seifert & Gareth Morgan-Jones. New and validated hyphomycete taxa to resolve nomenclatural and taxonomic issues. Mycotaxon 110: 89–108. 2009.

ABSTRACT: While completing a compilation and evaluation of all genera of hyphomycetous anamorphs, several confused, invalid, or illegitimate names were encountered that require nomenclatural or taxonomic attention. New genera are proposed to replace the illegitimate names Arnoldiella (replaced with Mycelephas), Harziella (Lepisticola), and Mackenziea (Mackenziella). Flahaultia could not be validated because of homonymy and is replaced by Flahaultiella, with the new F. microspora as its type species. The new genera Bhatia, Cheiroidea, Septosporiopsis, and Synnemacrodictys, so far presented only in a PhD thesis,are described for accepted species formerly classified in Acrodictys that cannot be classified in existing genera. Corynesporina isvalidated by correcting aspects of its typification. Goidanichiella, with its type species represented by a lyophilized culture, is validated here because its protologue did not comply with Art. 37.7. A lectotype species is chosen for Nematographium. We comment on several nomenclatural issues for species of Fusarium. The typification of Nectria mariannaeae is clarified. Symphyosirella is proposed for several synnematous seed parasites formerly included in the inadequately typified genus Symphyosira. To avoid destabilization of author citations, we generally have retained the original author citations, although the generic names will be valid and legitimate only from this publication.

KEYWORDS: anamorph taxonomy, International Code of Botanical Nomenclature

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