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Liang, Jiandong, Yanfeng Han, Wen Du, Zongqi Liang & Zizhong Li. Chrysosporium linfenense: a new Chrysosporium species with keratinolytic activity. Mycotaxon 110: 65–71. 2009.

ABSTRACT: Chrysosporium linfenense, a new Chrysosporium species, was collected from Shanxi, China, described, and illustrated. Differences between C. linfenense and related species were analyzed based on the morphological and DNA sequence characters. Diagnostic characters of C. linfenense are conidia that are solitary or often in chains of 2–3, mostly ellipsoidal or fusiform, few clavate, and smooth-walled; intercalary conidia are absent. The presence of keratinase also suggests that C. linfenense possesses a keratinolytic activity.

KEYWORDS: mitosporic fungi, morphology, molecular analysis, classification

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