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Hawksworth, David L. (ed.). Book reviews and notices. Mycotaxon 110: 509–562. 2009.

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Books reviewed include:

General — Ainsworth & Bisby’s dictionary of the fungi; Schimmelpilze und deren Bestimmung; Forest fungi of central India; Hongos de parques y jardines; Fungi of Serbia and the Balkans; A preliminary checklist of micromycetes in Poland, Diversity ... of truffle fungi in forests of the Pacific Northwest; Field guide to North American truffles;

Oomycetes — Phytophthora: Identifying species by morphology and DNA fingerprints;

Basidiomycetes — Funga Nordica; Torikseened Soomes ja Eestis; Pilzkompendium (Band 2); Annotated list of polypores for the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands; Die Gattung Ramaria in Deutschland; Phaeocollybia of Pacific Northwest North America; Champignons sans noms (Vol. 1);

Ascomycetes — Taxonomy ... of bark-inhabiting tree-pathogenic fungi in the Cryphonectriaceae; The genera of the Parmulariaceae; Neotropical Hypocrella, Moelleriella, and Samuelsia; Black fungal extremes; Leaf-inhabiting genera of the Gnomoniaceae; European species of Hypocrea. Part I; Biodiversity of the powdery mildew fungi of Israel; Atlas of the geographical distribution of fungi in Poland (Laboulbeniales); Aspergillus: molecular biology and genomics; Alternaria: an identification manual;

Lichen-forming fungi  — Pyrenocarpous lichens with bitunicate asci ... (Costa Rica); Hongos liquenicolas del Sur de Sudamerica (Chile); Biodiversity and ecology of lichens: Liber amicorum Harrie Sipman; Diversity of lichenology – anniversary volume; Foliicolous lichenized fungi; The lichens of Great Britain and Ireland; The macrolichens of New England; Lichen flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region. Vol. 3; Opredelitel’ lishaininkov rossii; Nordic lichen flora (3-Cyanolichens); Flora of Australia (57-Lichens 5); Biologia de líquens; Facetten der Flechtenforschung (Wirth Festschrift); Checklist of lichens ... of the Polish Karkonosze Mts; Biotic soil crust lichens of the Columbia Basin; Cladoniaceae; The montane heathland lichen guide; Lichen Flora of Central India; Macrolichens of Sikkim; Lichen identifier [in Thai];

Miscellaneous  — Species: A history of the idea; Taxonomic Literature. Supplement VIII: Fres–G.

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