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Navarro-Rosinés, P., V. Calatayud & J. Hafellner. Contributions to a revision of the genus Cercidospora (Dothideales). 1: Species on Megasporaceae. Mycotaxon 110: 5–25. 2009.

ABSTRACT: A study on the taxonomy, morphology and anatomy of lichenicolous species of the genus Cercidospora (Dothideales, incertae sedis) growing on lichen species of the genera Aspicilia, Lobothallia and Megaspora (Megasporaceae) is presented. The following species are proposed as new to science: Cercidospora galligena on Aspicilia caesiocinerea; C. solearispora on Aspicilia intermutans, A. cinerea, A. cupreoglauca, and sterile Aspicilia sp.; and C. werneri on Aspicilia calcarea, A. contorta, and A. desertorum. A neotype is chosen for Microthelia verrucosaria. A key to Cercidospora species on megasporacean hosts is provided.

KEYWORDS: Ascomycota, lichenicolous fungi, lichenized fungi

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