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Norvell, Lorelei L. Report of the Nomenclature Committee for Fungi: 15. Mycotaxon 110: 487–492. 2009.

ABSTRACT: The IAPT Permanent Nomenclature Committee for Fungi recommends the following names for conservation: Pseudocercospora against Stigmina and Phaeoisariopsis, Boletus applanatus against B. lipsiensis, Lyophyllum with L. semitale as conserved type, Roccellina against Roccellaria, Psilocybe with P. semilanceata as conserved type, Calvatia nom. cons. against Lanopila, and Phaeographis (over Creographa, Ectographis, Flegographa, Hymenodecton, Platygramma, and Pyrographa) with P. dendritica as conserved type. As a result of reference under Art. 32.4, the Committee recommends that the descriptive statement accompanying publication of Ascomycota Cavalier-Smith be considered adequate for valid publication but recommends that that for Blastocladiomycota Doweld should not.

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