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Saxena, R.K. Substitute names for later homonyms of five species and validation of the names of eight species of fossil fungi from Indian Tertiary sediments. Mycotaxon 110: 47–51. 2009.

ABSTRACT: Substitute names are proposed for the later homonyms of five accepted species of fossil fungi recorded from Indian Tertiary sediments: Diporicellaesporites samantiae (∫ D. elsikii B. Samant & Tapaswi), Monoporisporites circularis (∫ M. hammenii B. Samant & Tapaswi), Multicellaesporites kumarii (∫ M. elsikii (Ramanujam & Srisailam) P. Kumar), Pluricellaesporites guptae (∫ P. minutus A. Gupta), and Pluricellaesporites suratensis (∫ P. elsikii B. Samant & Tapaswi). In addition, the author provides information regarding repository of the holotypes to validate eight species names and propose new names to replace two original epithets (in parentheses) that are already in use for different taxa in the same genus: Brachysporisporites magnus, Colligerites trochus, Dicellaesporites elsikii, Diporisporites bhavnagarensis (“D. granulatus B. Samant”), Multicellaesporites dilcheri, M. psilatus (“M. elongatus B. Samant”), Phragmothyrites ramanujamii, and Pluricellaesporites globatus.

KEYWORDS: fossil fungal spores, microthyriaceous fungi, species nomenclature, Tertiary, India

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