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Vánky, Kálmán. Taxonomic studies on Ustilaginomycetes. Mycotaxon 110: 289–324. 2009.

ABSTRACT: New species described: Antherospora eucomis, Entyloma eryngii-alpini, Farysia globispora, F. longispora, F. microspora, Macalpinomyces loudetiopsidis, Moreaua capillaceae, Mo. eximiae, Mo. peckii, Mo. tothii, Sporisorium schizachyrii-sanguinei, Urocystis pulsatillae-albae, Ur. vulpiae, Ustilago piptatheri. New name: Sporisorium sydowiorum. New combinations: Heterodoassansia downingiae, Microbotryum moelleri, Tolyposporium solidum. Excluded from the smut fungi are: Entyloma cyperi and Ustilago dactylicola. Keys are given to the species of Antherospora, Entyloma on Eryngium, Moreaua on Schoenus and Tetraria, Sporisorium on Setaria and Schizachyrium sanguineum, Urocystis on Ranunculus and Pulsatilla, and to smut fungi of Loudetia, Loudetiopsis, Trichopteryx, Tristachya, and Zonotriche.

KEYWORDS: Anthracoideaceae, Floromycetaceae, taxonomy

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