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Kim, Kyung-Hee, Young-Joon Choi, Sang-Tae Seo & Hyeon-Dong Shin. Raffaelea quercus-mongolicae sp. nov. associated with Platypus koryoensis on oak in Korea. Mycotaxon 110: 189–197. 2009.

ABSTRACT: A previously undescribed fungus frequently isolated in Korea from dead oak trees (e.g., Quercus mongolica, Q. aliena, Q. serrata) attacked by the ambrosia beetle, Platypus koryoensis, is described as Raffaelea quercus-mongolicae. Phylogenetic analysis of 18S rDNA sequences show the new species to be closely related to R. quercivora, a causal agent of oak mortality in Japan, while ITS rDNA and β-tubulin sequence analyses reveal significant differences. Raffaelea quercus-mongolicae also differs from R. quercivora in conidial shape, associated ambrosia beetle species, geographic origin, and host range.

KEYWORDS: Ambrosiella, morphology, Ophiostomatales, phylogeny, symbiont

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