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Cavalcanti, Laise de Holanda, Andrea Carla Caldas Bezerra, Antônia Aurelice Aurélio Costa, Inaldo do Nascimento Ferreira & Maria de Fátima de Andrade Bezerra. Distribution of Diachea (Didymiaceae, Myxomycetes) in the northeastern region of Brazil. Mycotaxon 110: 163–172. 2009.

ABSTRACT: In an effort to expand knowledge of the distribution of Neotropical myxobiota, the authors summarize the occurrence of Diachea bulbillosa, D. leucopodia, and D. silvaepluvialis in northeast Brazil based on their own collections made between 1995 and 2008, analysis of additional Brazilian herbarium specimens, and comprehensive bibliographical research. Colonized substrates identified were bark of living trees (corticolous), litter (foliicolous), and dead wood (lignicolous), with the largest populations of the predominant foliicolous specimens found in the Atlantic forest. A map showing the geographical distribution in Northeast Brazil accompanies species descriptions, taxonomic observations, and known distribution for each species. This constitutes first reports for D. leucopodia from Rio Grande do Norte state and
D. silvaepluvialis from Paraíba and Pernambuco states.

KEYWORDS: floristic survey, taxonomy, chorology

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