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Contu, Marco, Alfredo Vizzini, Matteo Carbone & Ledo Setti. Identity and neotypification of Craterellus cinereus and description of Cantharellus atrofuscus sp. nov.. Mycotaxon 110: 139-149. 2009.

ABSTRACT: The study of authentic specimens of Cantharellus cinereus, present in the Leiden Herbarium (L), has allowed us to ascertain the identity of this species, which has no clamp connections. There exists a species close to Craterellus (Cantharellus) cinereus distinguished by important macro- and microscopic features, including an unperforated basidioma and presence of clamp connections. This species is here proposed as new to science with the name Cantharellus atrofuscus. A description and photos of habit and microscopic characters are provided.

KEYWORDS: Basidiomycota, Agaricomycetes, Cantharellales, taxonomy, Italy

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