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Makhija, Urmila, Gayatri Chitale & Bharati Sharma. New species and new records of Diorygma (Graphidaceae) from India: specieswith convergent exciples. Mycotaxon 109: 379–392. 2009.

ABSTRACT:  Nine species of the lichen genus Diorygma with convergent exciples are recognized from India, of which six species are new to science viz. D. albocinerascens, D. albovirescens, D. excipuloconvergentum, D. megaspermum, D. megistosporum, and D. panchganiense. Two other species, Diorygma “microsporum”, and D. “patwardhanii”, clearly distinguished from the other species, are recorded, but are not formally described as new to science as the material is scanty. Additional specimens of D. megasporum are reported from India.

KEYWORDS:  ascomycetes, taxonomy, Ostropales

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