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Kirschner, Roland & Franz Oberwinkler. Supplementary notes on Basidiopycnis hyalina (Basidiomycota, Atractiellales) and its anamorph. Mycotaxon 109: 29–38. 2009.

ABSTRACT: Publications concerning the auricularioid and pycnidial basidiomycete Basidiopycnis hyalina and its anamorph are reviewed. The hyphomycetous anamorph of Basidiopycnis hyalina is considered identical with the recently proposed taxon Basidiopycnides albertensis. Study of a type specimen potentially related to this anamorph revealed a new synonym, Botryonipha dubia (∫ Stilbella dubia, ∫ Stilbum dubium) for the discomycete Neodasyscypha cerina. Basidiopycnis and its anamorph are excluded from the coelomycetes. Complementary data are presented for the phylogenetic relationship between the coelomycetous genus Chaetospermum and the teleomorphic genus Efibulobasidium of the Sebacinales. Re-examination of another recently described pycnidial basidiomycete with auricularioid basidia, Mycogelidium sinense, revealed that conidiophores of a coelomycetous sooty mould with relationship to the Capnodiales had been mistaken for basidia.

KEYWORDS:  Conidiocarpus, Helotiales, sooty moulds, ultrastructure

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