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Li, Shifu, Zefen Yu, Ying Zhang, Min Qiao, Jianwei Guo & Keqin Zhang. Arthrobotrys nonseptata, a new anamorph from an Orbilia species. Mycotaxon 109: 247–254. 2009.

ABSTRACT:  A new species of nematophagous fungi, Arthrobotrys nonseptata, was isolated from an unidentified Orbilia species. Arthrobotrys nonseptata produces simple, erect, unbranched conidiophores with conspicuous denticles at their tip, the conidia being nonseptate, ovoid to elongate ellipsoid. In the presence of nematodes, it forms three-dimensional adhesive networks.

KEYWORDS:  nematode–trapping fungi, teleomorph–anamorph connection

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