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Deng, Xiao-Juan, Juan Chen, Fu-Qiang Yu & Pei-Gui Liu. Notes on Tuber huidongense (Tuberaceae, Ascomycota), an endemic species from China. Mycotaxon 109: 189–199. 2009.

ABSTRACT:  Based on material collected from Yunnan and Sichuan, China, Tuber huidongense is re-described and illustrated in detail. A key to distinguish T. huidongense and its allied species found in China is provided. T. furfuraceum is synonymized with T. huidongense. Molecular phylogenetic analysis using ITS-rDNA sequences demonstrated that T. huidongense is a well-supported species in the T. rufum-clade. Morphological characters of Tuber huidongense × Pinus armandii mycorrhizae are also illustrated and described for the first time.

KEYWORDS:  truffle, taxonomy, morphology

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