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Braun, Uwe & Maria de Jesús Yañez-Morales. Phyllactinia and Ovulariopsis species on legumes. Mycotaxon 109: 145–160. 2009.

ABSTRACT:  Four new powdery mildew species belonging to tribe Phyllactinieae are described, illustrated, and discussed. These include Phyllactinia erythrinae-americanae basedon Mexican material on Erythrina americana, P. robiniae occurring in North America on Robinia neomexicana and R. pseudoacacia, Ovulariopsis erythrinae-abyssinicae on Erythrina abyssinica in Zambia, and O. leucaenae on Leucaena latisiliqua in Honduras and Mexico. The South African Phyllactinia erythrinae is redescribed based on an examination of type material. Host ranges, distributions and the affinities of these new taxa to other species of Phyllactinia and Ovulariopsis on legumes, including Phyllactinia fraxini on Wisteria sinensis in Europe, are discussed, and a key to the species concerned is provided.

KEYWORDS:  Erysiphales, Fabaceae, taxonomy

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