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Tulloss, Rodham E. Amanita magniverrucata – revision of an interesting species of Amanita sect. Lepidella. Mycotaxon 108: 93–104. 2009.

This paper is dedicated to DR. CORNELIS BAS on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the publication of his groundbreaking thesis on Amanita and its section Lepidella.

ABSTRACT: A revision is provided for Amanita magniverrucata, a species known from the state of California, USA, and reported from northern Baja California, Mexico. The universal veil appears to arise from the pileus context—without interposal of a pileipellis. The appropriate placement of A. magniverrucata in Bas’ systematic scheme for A. sect. Lepidella is open to question. If the inflated cells of the volva are judged to be insufficiently elongate for placement in Amanita subsect. Vittadiniae, then a possible placement could be in A. subsect. Solitariae, within Bas’ stirps Microlepis, in which the present species exhibits only limited phenetic similarity to previously assigned taxa. The present species may not be accommodated in the set of stirpes currently proposed for sect. Lepidella.

KEYWORDS: Amanitaceae, Limacella, North America, taxonomy.

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