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Kumar, T. K. Arun & P. Manimohan. The genera Leucoagaricus and Leucocoprinus (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) in Kerala State, India. Mycotaxon 108: 385–428. 2009.

ABSTRACT: Nine Leucoagaricus and fifteen Leucocoprinus species are recorded from Kerala State, India, including six new Leucoagaricus species (Leucoagaricus crystalliferoides, L. subflavus, L. rufosquamulosus, L. candicans, L. luteosquamulosus, L. majusculus) and four new Leucocoprinus species (Leucocoprinus acutoumbonatus, L. delicatulus, L. munnarensis, L. pusillus). A neotype from Kerala is designated for Lepiota viridiflava, rediscovered after nine decades and for which the new combination, Leucoagaricus viridiflavus, is proposed. A key to the Leucoagaricus and Leucocoprinus species collected during this study from Kerala is given and some taxonomic observations on the group are provided.

KEYWORDS:  Agaricaceae, floristics, lepiotaceous fungi, taxonomy

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