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Cortez, Vagner G., Iuri G. Baseia & Rosa Mara B. Silveira. Gasteroid mycobiota of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: Tulostomataceae. Mycotaxon 108: 365–384. 2009.

ABSTRACT: The diversity of Tulostomataceae has been investigated in Rio Grande do Sul State in southern Brazil. Eight species belonging to two genera were recognized: Battarrea, represented by B. phalloides, and Tulostoma, represented by T. brasiliense, T. cyclophorum, T. dumeticola, T. exasperatum, T. pygmaeum, T. rickii, and T. striatum. All species are described and illustrated by line drawings and photos, including scanning electron micrographs of the basidiospores. Illustrations of the peridium structure are furnished for most taxa.

KEYWORDS:  Agaricales, gasteromycetes, stalked puffballs

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